Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog Post #1

Blog Post #1
By: Chelsea Powers

Honestly... I have heard how horrible this class is. EDM 310 is a very demanding course. It says to prepare to spend 9 hrs. a week but I would say prepare for more. The best advice I can give for this course is not to fall behind. The most difficult aspect for this course is group work and trying to get everyone in your group to meet at the same time. I believe this class is going to be a lot better than the previous.

Practice Blog Post

Practice Blog Post
By: Chelsea Powers

Who am I? Chelsea Powers
Why do I want to be an educator? To help children succeed and learn.
What does an educator do in his or
her practice? teach, morals, values
What are my passions? My family and children.

Hi everyone, My name is Chelsea Powers! I work full time at a family owned metal fabrication company that builds components for the oil field industry. I love my job but every since I was younger I have always felt my calling to be a teacher. I have two children, Jesse is 9yrs. old and loves hunting and fishing. My younger stepson is Jaxon and loves anything his older brother does! I have chosen this as a profession because my job is so demanding I want to be able to spend more time with my children and being a teacher definitely has this benefit. An educator is very important to make sure that our future society becomes good citizens in our community. They also teach good morals and values that some children don't receive at home. My passion is my family and children! In our spare time we have a home in North Alabama where we go to hunt. If we are not in the woods hunting we are on the water fishing.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4

Final C4T

In the text post he talks about how to incorporate science into a meaningful lesson. He posted how important it is to incorporate technology in as well. He showed pictures of the students performing hands on activities and interactive field trips around the school. He stress how important it is for students to connect real life meaning to their learning experience. 

I really enjoyed reading your blog! I think it is very important for students to be life long learners and what better way for them to do that than to incorporate real life meaning into their studies.

Blog Post #5 Part 2

My Final PLN
By: Chelsea Powers

My PLN has become very useful to me throughout the weeks in EDM 310. It has helped me keep organized on the various different websites I use in this class. I hope everyone found this as useful as I did. Here is a link to my own personal PLN.

Chelsea's PLN

Monday, November 24, 2014

C4K November

C4K November


Naveen Mr. Wigmore's Class
100 word challenge.
One day I was walking I saw a dog and it had a broken bone and the dog was crying. :( I helped it but it was a cat no!! because it attacked me .It was on green grass and it dug a hole and all the mud came on me “yuck ” the cat was swimming so I was going to catch it in the water and it would also take the mud off of me. then it was lifted by a big wave and I fiannly cauht the cat. It was crying :( I felt bad so I took it to the veternarion then it went back in the wild “yes “.

My response:
Great job on your 100 word challenge. I really enjoyed reading your story! keep up the good work and I cannot wait to read more.

Have you ever wondered what Veterans Day is? I am going to tell you what is Veterans Day is and why do we celebrate it.

Veterans Day is the day when we Americans, honor the people who served the Armed Forces. When died or alive should still honor them for protecting our country. They also make it better everyday by saving America and making it a place to live in. Also, to honor the people who wake up every morning and doing their job as protecters of our country.

The reason why we celebrate Veterans Day is because it is the day to honor the people who sever America.Also, the day when we thank them for all the hard work they have done. They also risk their lives for us, their families and our freedom. They make America a safe place to live they are the hero’s of our country.
This is what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it.

I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am studying to become a teacher. What a great post in honor of all of our Veterans. Most people forget about the brave men and women who serve our country everyday for our freedom. Keep up the good work!

Post #11
Leah Wrote:
What happen this first quarter?
This first quarter is almost over because this is the last day of the first quarter and I will tell you what happened. It has been the first quarter since the beginning of the year and so far we have learned so much and done so many projects. Most of the projects we did were in science: like testing gobstoppers in different liquids such as nail polish remover, like me and my friend Emily did. And we also made different weather detectors such as barometers, and rain gauges, ect. I am ecstatic to finish the rest of the year.

This year is much much better than last year. I have made more friends and learned more about the Catholic faith. It is interesting to learn about because I am Lutheran and so now i know much about the difference between both faiths. I am a novice at writing this year large paragraphs and stories in language. Language is one of my most favorite subjects because I get to practice my writing and I love writing books.

I am about to write a new book about a girl named Lilly that finds out her school is closing down their playground because there is sand hornets there. Lilly finally finds out a new chemical-like solution to get rid of the sand hornets as the school thanks her for her free choice of the school to go to a field trip anywhere she would like. She decides they should go to a art museum. As they get to the museum they stroll around for a bit as Lilly finds out something suspicious. She finds one of the painting’s important character is missing. She goes there a week later with her parents and finds out that it is in a different painting by the same person and tells somebody at the museum. Soon they fix it and she is thanked by the museum and earns something very special.What could it be?

Thank you for reading my newest blog. Please mention any ideas i could put in my newest story!


Hi Leah,
My name is Chelsea and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to become a teacher. It looks like you have been pretty busy this quarter. I can't wait to read your story! keep up the good work!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

Teaching Can be a Profession by: Joel Klein
Teaching Can be a Profesion

Pick from the best:
Joel Klein states that we have let virtually anyone become teachers and that we need to recruite teachers that are in the top third of their graduating class. Mr. Klein also discusses how we must change the way we award teachers.

Seniority Distraction:
Mr. Klein explains how the schools focus on seniority instead of a highly qualified teachers. This is a problem because there are plenty on incompetent teachers that do not perform as well and still have a job because they have been there the longest.

Radical Change:
Shanker talks about a major change where teachers would have to be evaluated and take exams. He also went as further so children would have a choice of where they wanted to go to school instead of their mandatory school district.

My opinion:
By: Chelsea Powers

Mr. Klein has a very good outlook on what the school systems should do. It would take a lot to make all of these changes. I have to agree that teachers should be awarded based on their performance instead of seniority! I have seen plenty of teachers that are not qualified whatsoever to teach a child at all and then I see a new teacher just out of school that is so much more qualified and she is the one to get fired because she is not "tenyard". I believe all teachers should take some type of exam to make sure they are up to date on all the new technology and ways to help benefit on how our students learn. In order for all this to take place you would have to start from the ground up. In a perfect world I can see this happening but lets face it, we do not live in a perfect world.